• Elizabeth Van de Ven

Lockdown Restrictions

In the time-span of this pandemic, unfortunately, people still do not know or follow the boundaries bestowed upon them. The state of California has been in lockdown for around 10 months; yet many of us still don’t know about all of the government-mandated restrictions. California is one of the biggest hot spots for COVID-19 at the moment, so embracing restrictions should help ease the increase in new cases. The state of California is at 2.55 million cases as of today. Among those cases, there have been 28,040 deaths reported. Of all the counties in the state, Los Angeles county is at the highest level of virus spread with over 860,000 COVID-19 cases. Interestingly, other California counties are at only a quarter of that number with regard to COVID-19 cases. We've reached the point where Los Angeles is making an exception for more cremations of deceased Covid patients with all the effects on the air quality.

One of the most well-known practices to help slow the spread of the virus is social distancing six feet apart from others, especially with those who do not live in your household. This reduces the chance of contracting the virus from someone near you. If we were all compacted as we used to be before the pandemic, it would cause a huge rise in cases. Though we long to be around other people again, keeping a distance of six feet apart from others gives everyone their own bubble, which lessens the chance of spreading the virus and keeps people’s germs to themselves. When around others or after touching surfaces, it's always smart to have a mini hand sanitizer handy.

Another practice that plays the biggest role in our lives today is the wearing of face coverings or masks. While a lot of people do follow the mask-wearing rule in public places such as stores and buildings, many lack it in their private lives. It's hard to think that someone close to us could have the virus, but anyone can carry the COVID-19 virus and possibly have no idea they have it, especially if they are asymptomatic. Wearing masks keeps others safe and slows the spread of the virus, which can be transmitted by little droplets through the air. For the whole time-span of the pandemic, there have been many people that don't want to wear masks at all. It is important to keep yourself and others safe by wearing masks when in public and following all other guidelines such as consistently washing your hands and staying six feet apart from people who do not live with you.

You can also do many little things to protect your household such as keeping the house fresh with lots of ventilation and air flow. This allows fresh air to circulate so there's fresh air that won't get to others. Disinfectant wipes have done lots of justice through this pandemic as well. After having company, to keep your home sanitary it's always great to give countertops, door handles, and any surfaces that are often touched a nice wipe down. Keeping a clean living environment will lower the chances of contracting and spreading Covid.

Lastly a restriction that isn’t talked about as much is the state-imposed curfew. Governor Gavin Newsom issued a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. everyday, meaning people should stay home between these hours. There are many possible exceptions for this restriction such as work, a family emergency, etc. Some exceptions can be viewed here. This restriction is in place to keep as many people home as possible to slow the spread of the virus. It also helps to discourage parties and big events that usually go on really late at night. Parties and big gatherings were, and still are, one of the biggest factors in increasing COVID-19 cases.

The guidelines mentioned in this article are some of the most urgent and important COVID-19 related restrictions that people should follow and put into action until our current situation improves. There are many more restrictions that are also very important that can be found by clicking here. As hard as it is to hear, there is no way to slow the spread of COVID-19 if people don't follow the government-mandated restrictions for keeping themselves and others safe. We will see better days, but people must learn to comply and participate in these regulations. For the most up to date information, please visit the LA County Public Health website.

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