• Sharon Cook

Let’s Take a Look at the Struggles Women Face

Updated: Mar 18

March is Women’s History Month, and not to be biased but this is deserved. Women have had a rough history and I will not accept a man claiming that “men have it worse” because it simply isn’t true. The unfairness towards women dates back hundreds of years and women are still fighting against sexist and misogynistic comments and actions. We had a misogynist for a president; therefore people decided it was okay to act whatever way they wanted to. There are still men who believe women aren’t as strong, smart, or powerful as they are. If you believe that, then you are so wrong.

Women have fought for years against people who talk down on them just for their gender. Some women even bash other women. Whatever happened to women supporting women? Everyone speaks badly about sex workers, but why should we talk bad about them when they’re trying to survive in a world where nobody cares about them enough to try to help them? There’s no logical reason for women to get paid less, for black women to get paid even less than white women, and for places refusing to have the same rate for everyone. This was stated on a Payscale.com article: “In 2020, women make only $0.81 for every dollar a man makes.” Everyone please say hi to sexism that still hasn’t left certain workplaces!

This is going to be a triggering topic, therefore avoid if you are uncomfortable with the mention of rape. There are disgusting people in this world. Disgusting people that believe that just because a woman wears revealing clothes they are “asking for it.” I truly believe that people do not have a brain. Why would anyone ever wish upon themselves a violating act that strips them of their dignity, sanity, and want to actually exist in such a cruel world? I’m sick of hearing “what was she wearing,” “well she deserved it,” “she’s a stripper she asked for it.” I’m tired of how cruel people are just because they’re miserable with their own lives.

There’s also mass amounts of homophobia and transphobia to women that are in the LGBTQ+ community, and this is where I will be majorly biased. As someone who is genderqueer and uses she/they pronouns, I speak from my own experience of being called slurs and being threatened just because I was holding hands with a girl. I came out when I was 12 years old; therefore people weren’t so kind and accepting as they are now. People would come up to my friends and I, reciting Bible verses and calling us disgusting sinners. If being a sinner means me being happy and confident in who I am, then I will be the biggest sinner in the world. Gay people have faced torture for years, not just lesbians but anyone who likes the same gender has been discriminated against and it’s upsetting how no one in power fights for us.

I owe women everything. I owe my mom, grandma, and aunts everything that I have because without them I would be absolutely nowhere. Men, you owe it to women for putting up with everything we go through. Everyone has a mother; whether you hate them or love them they gave you a life to live. Maybe you don’t enjoy your life, but they gave you an opportunity to try to make yourself something and for that alone, you owe it to the women in your life to be a nice and respectable human being.

Cartoon by Sierra Heaton, Cartoonist

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