• Natalia Khiev

It’s Kind of a Sherlock Thing

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” is an imaginative movie that revolves around a plot I believe we’ve all wished for: for time to stop. In the beginning we start off seeing one of the main characters, Mark, waking up and going about his day. However, he amazingly seems to be predicting every situation and every action he comes about, claiming that he has a “Sherlock thing.” Interestingly though, as the clock strikes midnight Mark is brought back to waking up in his bed on the very same day. Mark is on a repetitive time loop and no one has any recollection of the day repeating besides himself, or so he thought. Eventually he notices a girl, Margaret, that is out of place. She’s not repeating the same actions everyday, she’s in different locations from the last time, and is well aware that she is in a time loop.

Mark and Margaret connect over this bizarre situation and decide to take advantage of it. The two create a plan to go around the town and find all of the perfect things that happen throughout this one day, meaning moments in the right place at the right time. In time however, Mark gets tired of reliving the same day and urges for life to move on. He tries to convince Margaret to find a way to escape, but she’s hesitant and it's clear that she doesn’t want time to start again for a reason. Thus, starts an even larger enigma.

Overall, “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” includes mystery, romance, and comedy. It’s very interesting to watch because it makes you consider how as much as we want time to stop, we need to move on from whatever we are hiding from and accept that time going forward is the only way to do that. At least in my case it did. I rate this movie a ⅘ because although the plot is intriguing, it’s predictable as well due to its lack of originality.

Rating: 4/5

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