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Is Disneyland or California Adventure Better?

This has been a question every Californian Disney fan has been asking themselves. Is Disneyland or California Adventure the better theme park? Personally, as a 17 year old Disney fan, I believe California Adventure is more thrilling because of the more intense rides such as The Guardians of The Galaxy and The Incredicoaster but I love Disneyland because of its classic rides such as Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Pirates of the Caribbean. If you asked me which park was better, I would not be able to answer.

In order to find out which park is better, let's break some things down and list the pros and cons of each park. Lets begin with California Adventure


  • Has more intense rides for those who enjoy them

  • Has Cars Land which is beautiful

  • Has the classic Mickey ferris wheel

  • Has Avengers Campus where you can meet your favorite heroes

  • Has World of Color which is played twice everyday during the night


  • Only has about 4 good rides

  • Less food options

  • More for adults than kids

  • Lines are really long (especially for Cars)

  • Park is a bit smaller

  • Closes earlier

Now for the pros and cons of Disney


  • Delicious food everywhere

  • Has all the classic rides

  • Has a lot of parades and shows going on

  • Are able to meet your favorite princesses and princes

  • Are able to get on rides for smaller kids

  • More rides to get on

  • Has many small activities to do



  • Park is really big so you will get tired

  • Nowhere to charge your phone, you have to buy a 30 dollar portable charger

  • Lines are also pretty long

  • Certain rides are always getting refurbished or temporarily closed

  • Extremely crowded even on weekdays

  • Fireworks can get canceled because of the weather

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the answer to whether Disneyland or California Adventure is better is really depending on you. Would you rather see the fireworks or the World of Color? Would you rather get on the more intense rides such as Guardians of the Galaxy or would you rather get on a calmer ride like Pirates of the Caribbean? Would you rather see your favorite heroes or would you rather see your favorite princesses? These are all the questions you should be asking yourself to get the answer you want.

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