• Tiana Poirier

In The Wilds

Amazon Prime Video’s The Wilds, features eight teenage girls who unexpectedly crash land on an island in the middle of nowhere while on the way to a summer resort about female empowerment. The mix between all the character’s personalities and approaches on how to stay alive on the island clash to make a very interesting dynamic. Among those who strive to survive, there are others who take comfort in being away from society and some who just can't internalize the situation.

Suspicion arose when a few unusual things happened, leading some of the characters to question if the reason they were there was really an accident. Little did they know that behind the scenes, thousands of miles away, a social experiment was being conducted to see what happens if you put a group of teenage girls with radically different backgrounds and personalities onto an island and make them work together to survive.

Each of the ten episodes focuses on a different character’s past and how their lives led them to be the way they are and how they got there. Incorporated in each episode are the hardships and bonding they experience with each other and connections they build from trying to survive and make sense of their situation. The combination of all their characteristics, creates an environment where everyone can flourish but at times prompts arguments amongst each other.

I personally really enjoyed The Wilds due to its diversity and representation of all upbringings and different beliefs among the characters. Its relatability to the real world with school, relationships, friendships and the teenage experience makes it hard to stop watching. The mystery of what will happen to the girls and why the social experiment is occurring definitely hooked me even more, leaving suspense and excitement to each next episode.

Rating: 5/5

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