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In Memory of David Zelaya

On November 11, 2020 David Zelaya, or as some of us know him, Alex, unfortunately passed away. Growing up, Zelaya was a very happy and fun soul. He helped to support and push his friends and teammates to succeed, but it also was shown back to him as well.

A teacher from our very own Mayfair High School and Somerset High School Mr. Mackenzie knew Zelaya as a student and as an athlete. He explained that he was a “fun lovin’ kid with a smile on his face.” Zelaya was always upbeat, and he got his teammates going and pumped up for their basketball games. Mr. Mackenzie also included that he remembers a time when they were in class and Zelaya would always ask to play games so that everyone could have fun. He worked his hardest inside and outside of the classroom to do the best he possibly could.

Zelaya's close friend Pedro Rodriguez explained that he was such an amazing person to have as a friend. Rodriguez said he woke up to the news when he found out his friend had passed, and he didn't even know how or what to feel because it was so sudden. He was heartbroken because he had known Zelaya since kindergarten, but they got closer in the fifth and sixth grades. Zelaya had a huge impact on his life, one that no words can describe. Rodriguez said he wouldn’t be where he is today without Zelaya pushing him to succeed throughout their time together, like starting to skate and trying out for the football team. Zelaya was a motivator for many of his friends and peers to do all that they can.

Zelaya was born July 18, 2003 and was a wonderful son, brother, grandson, and friend. A big world when one is so young is devastating to most, but by the looks of it, he lived his life to the fullest. So many memories of him live on through his friends and family.

David was someone who would light up a room and fill it with joy and laughter. He is most definitely someone who a lot of people are going to miss. Even though he is no longer here with all of his family and friends, he’ll always be remembered in their hearts.

In this difficult time, David Zelaya’s friends and family are raising money for his funeral expenses. If you are able to contribute, please visit his Go Fund Me page to donate.

Link: https://gf.me/u/y8w5x8

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