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How Student Athletes are Staying in Shape During COVID-19

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our day-to-day lives in many ways beyond having to do distance learning. Athletes especially have had to learn to adapt and change in this new environment since they have been unable to continue their sports. A few of Mayfair’s student-athletes have kept their attitudes high during a low time like this, and have managed to prepare themselves for their sport in their own ways.

Amanda Scott, 12th, Girls Soccer

Amanda Scott is a 16-year-old senior who is on the varsity girls soccer team. She has been on varsity soccer for three years, after taking a break her junior year. She has been staying active during this quarantine by practicing with her club team, who maintain social distancing rules. She also does the given workouts by her high school coach and often works out on her own time. Girls soccer is supposed to resume in January and her hopes for the season is for it to be as normal as possible and to become league champs. She feels prepared for this season, but wishes she could practice with her team again in person.

Devin Lane, 11th, Boys Basketball

17-year-old junior Devin Lane is on the boys varsity basketball team and volleyball team. He’s been on the varsity team for both sports since his freshman year and has been playing basketball since he was in kindergarten. He has been staying active by working out Monday–Friday ever since quarantine started just to get stronger and faster. Volleyball’s season is supposed to resume in December and Basketball in March. He knows that this season is not going to be the same but hopes he will get to have any type of season, along with people watching. He feels he is prepared for this season, but believes there is always work to be done.

Damien Maldonado, 12th, Cross Country

Damien Maldonado is a 17-year-old senior in cross country. He has been running cross country with Mayfair since he was a freshman. He has been staying active ever since quarantine first happened back in March. He’s been running 40–50 miles every week! On top of that, he’s been doing extra strength training off on the side. The cross country season is supposed to resume in January and he feels this season is going to be different in the terms of how the races go. He hopes this season goes well despite everything going on, and wishes to make it to state. He feels prepared for his season and is taking advantage of this break to better himself.

Omar Lara, 12th, Football

Omar Lara is a senior who is 17 and plays on varsity football. He has been on the varsity team since he was a freshman. He has been staying active by buying and using his own weight set with a bench press, and he makes sure to continuously workout. Football is supposed

to resume as soon as the district approves them to begin practicing. He hopes that the team has great chemistry and they play every game like it's their last. He feels that him and his teammates have worked harder than any other football team during this pandemic and wishes they can have a dominating season.

Paul Carrillo, 12th, Baseball

17-year-old senior Paul Carillo plays on varsity baseball. He has been on varsity since the summer going into 11th grade, but he’s played baseball since his freshman year. He has been staying active by playing with another program outside of high school baseball and does workouts with a friend. Baseball is supposed to resume in March. He hopes he can go out and play to win and eventually make and win in the playoffs. He feels he is prepared for this season.

Xela Dinh, 12th, Girls Tennis

Xela Dinh is a 17-year-old senior on girls varsity tennis. She has been on the varsity team for three years since she was a sophomore. She’s been staying active by playing tennis a few times a week with a few friends while trying to maintain as much social distancing as possible. Tennis’s season is supposed to resume in Spring of next year. She hopes that during her season all the players stay safe, and they’re able to play some fun matches. Unfortunately, she does not feel prepared for this season because she has not been able to play with her team.

Kyla Ash, 11th, Cheer

Kyla Ash is a 16-year-old junior on varsity cheer. She's been on the varsity team for her junior and sophomore years and was on JV her freshman year. She's been staying active on her own by running, working out at home, and getting private lessons for tumbling. She also does a Google Meets call with her coach and team to do workouts. Cheer’s season is supposed to resume in spring. She hopes that they get to compete and take the CIF title with her girls. She does not feel prepared as of right now, but she knows her team is dedicated to get the needed work done.

Bijan Ashouri, 11th, Boys Golf

16-year-old junior Bijan Ashouri plays on Mayfair’s boys golf team. He's been playing golf for two years now, since he was a sophomore. He's been staying active by running a lot, doing push-ups, and other upper-body workouts. Golf is supposed to resume before Spring and he hopes that he can go back to school in order to play and practice. Bijan does not feel prepared for the season, but if he does make it back to the course he should be able to catch up and stay on top of his play.

Ashlyn Riddle, 11th, Girls Volleyball

Ashlyn Riddle is a 16-year-old junior who plays on the girls varsity volleyball team. She has been playing on the varsity team since her freshman year but she is going onto her sixth year of playing club volleyball. She has been staying active by doing beach/sand workouts, clinics, and just started practice for club. She also occasionally works out with her older cousin. Volleyball’s season is supposed to start back up in December. She really hopes to get back into the gym at Mayfair because she misses the feeling of playing there. She also hopes that the team can do good together, be close, and improve with each other. She always feels as though she can improve on something, but regardless she and the team will work hard and prepare for the season.

Braulio Aquino, 11th, Boys Volleyball

Braulio Aquino is a Junior who is 16-years-old and plays on the boys varsity volleyball team. He’s been on the varsity team since his freshman year, and also began playing that same year. Volleyball again, is supposed to resume some time in December. He hopes that everything goes well this season and that everything can be fun and done on a safe level. He feels he is prepared for his season.

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