• Ashley Eggum

How Movie Theaters Are Affected Due To COVID

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

From staying in air-conditioned rooms with a bunch of people watching the newest thrill on the screen to the comforts of our homes, our lives have been altered as theaters have been closed since March to try and keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

Mayfair alumni Mark Dalton-Bowers is a former employee at the local Harkins in our very own Cerritos Mall. He explains that “We are still currently offering some service through our Grubhub page. On the weekends we offer pick-up services for our Party Popcorn for $10. Recently, we added the Nacho Party Pack which is for $25.” As of right now they aren’t open for customers to watch movies, but just selling food. He also included, “All of our locations are open except the ones in California.” Until COVID case numbers start to drop drastically and stably, they will remain closed as of right now.

Another Mayfair alumni Pritti Masunu discusses the same question, “We aren’t exactly sure when we are going to be able to go back to work but they say as soon as cases tremendously decrease we may open other surrounding theaters, we just have to hang in there a little bit longer. They have opened other Harkins locations in other states except for ours because of California’s high rate of COVID cases.”

Employees such as Masunu and Dalton-Bowers at Harkins don’t know how they are going to start promoting movies. But we do know that one new movie, “Mulan,” was promoted on Disney + with a price of 30 dollars for premier access.

Certain movie theaters such as AMC have lost $561 million due to closing down and stopping business because of the pandemic. If movie theaters potentially were to come back into business only 40 percent of a theater being used would be packed, due to all the regulations they would need to follow.

Due to COVID-19, drive-in movie theaters are making their way back into the lines of work. In our own very local Lakewood Center Mall, in the Del Amo Parking Lot. Lakewood Recreation and Community Services has been playing family-friendly movies such as; “Frozen II,” “A League of Their Own,” “Toy Story 4,” and “The Princess Bride, with many more to come. They host their drive-ins usually on Fridays or Saturdays, at 7 pm to get in and the movie starts at 8 pm. They have everyone stay in their cars, and use the FM radio station to listen to the movie. Expecting everyone to go along with the COVID rules, when they go out of their car they must wear a mask. Even though movie theaters are currently closed, there's still a second option to getting your family night fun.

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