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Holiday Gift Ideas

If you're having trouble thinking of a Christmas present for your loved ones, such as your family or friends, don't stress! We’ve got you covered with some ideas ranging from $ to $$$. These gifts range from essential to a heartwarming gift for someone special.

  1. A hat - They have various expressions and meanings towards others, and it’s a great way for your family and friends to express themselves. A lot of places even have customizable hats, such as lids.com

  2. A Cup/mug - essential to your day, and you can even get one with customizable artwork and a personal biography of everyone in your family at uncommongoods.com

  3. Sweaters- Winter is here!! Everyone wants to stay warm, so this could always be a perfect gift.

  4. Socks - A classic gift for every child or teen. You can hate on them, but sincerely appreciate them when you don't have anymore, especially since the ones they gave you last year are now faded out or used.

  5. Paintings- Art is appreciated by most but generally, who doesn’t love having furniture and making the house feel more friendly and cozy? Some can even be personalized as on this site called printypets.com which does custom pet portraits.

  6. Video games- With new consoles coming out like the PS5 or Xbox, games are pretty essential but sometimes can be a bit expensive.

  7. Watches- Can accent and boost your style and confidence in your life, and of course, they tell time.

  8. Belts- Another great way to express yourself with many styles available and a great centerpiece that could be used to make your outfit stand out.

  9. BarkBox Dog Toys & Treats Box- Your loved ones may not even be human, maybe your best friend is your dog! This box includes various things such as toys and treats that are customizable for how big your furry friend is. They are sold at BarkBox’s website linked here.

  10. Goody Box Cat Chute, Toys & Treats- Cats are unique and deserve the best, even if they aren’t yours yours. Chewy has perfect gifts for you, ranging from 25 dollars to 30.

  11. Handmade gifts- Special gifts don't need a price tag, because your presence and friendship are enough. A handmade gift could range from a hand-written letter to a toy made of clay. It's really the thought that counts!

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