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Halloween in September

As we all know, there are no holidays or big events in the month of September, but that shouldn’t mean we should automatically put up Halloween decorations. We should instead put up fall decorations which I believe are very different from Halloween decor, as it is not dark, spooky or scary. Also, September is also Suicide Awareness month and half of Hispanic Heritage Month, which should not be forgotten just for an ¨early Halloween¨.

Also, this idea of early Halloween isn’t supported by most high school students. For instance, we took a mini survey by asking 20 students and only 3 said that an early Halloween is good or felt indifferent towards it. But the rest agreed that it's too early and unnecessary. Especially since Halloween is the last day of October, it shouldn't be celebrated almost 2 months earlier.

A senior here at Mayfair brought up a good point saying how this really is specific to people because some people have more free time then others, meaning they can actually choose when they put up their decorations. On the other hand, others only have free time in the month of September, which in that case it's fine. Also, when asking students the question of if it's okay to buy decorations during September was brought up. And I think that is fine because you're not immediately putting them up. Overall, people should just celebrate fall or autumn instead, whatever they prefer. Because it's one of the best seasons and should be celebrated in all the glory summer is celebrated.

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