• Ashley Eggum

Getting Caught in Mimi’s Web of Music

Someone who's not so popular to the media's eye has come to my attention, and her name is Mimi Webb. Webb is 19-years-old and from Canterbury, Kent in the United Kingdom. She was noticed by her now manager after she was featured in the song “Treat Me Right” by Bortharm, which was able to help kick start her whole career.

Webb creates her own style of music for people to have something to relate to. I discovered her newest song “Good Without” before it was released on TikTok, and then I started listening to all her songs that she's created. She gained a lot of popularity late 2020 when TikTok star Charlie D'amelio used the song in her video, which received millions of likes and views. Mimi hasn’t produced a lot of music, only four songs so far in her career. The songs she's made are named “Before I go”, “I’ll Break my Heart Again”, “Reasons”, and the newest one, “Good Without.” I can imagine her growing and becoming another big artist in the industry.

Her music is emotional, somewhat moody, motivational, heartfelt, and fun. Her videos that were produced remind me of some really popular music artists’ styles. Even though some of them are about heartbreak I think that they are still relatable and can connect with anyone who listens.

Although she is rising in popularity I think that she will be someone really big in the near future.

Rating: 5/5

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