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Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time

What is daylight saving? Every year, we adjust the clocks to gain more daylight in the evenings for 8 months, however during fall, the clock gets set back an hour and we lose an hour of daylight for the next 4 months.

I’m sure we are all upset with this as the sun sets around 4:50 pm, leaving so much time of darkness. It can feel like the day ends way too soon, especially for some students who leave school at 3:36, only giving them one hour of daylight at home. Many people look at it on the bright side saying we “gain an extra hour of sleep” but is it really worth it to gain an extra hour of sleep for one day?

U.S. citizens have been trying to get it through the government to pass a law to keep daylight savings time where 8 out of the 12 months we keep our clocks ahead one hour. However, this bill has been on gridlock and the House of Representatives never voted on it.

Daylight saving time is pointless, our day is basically over when most leave work, and when some leave school. Most of the country agrees and some regions in Arizona actually don't do it anymore. It is truly one of the few issues that unite us together. The whole reason about daylight saving helping farmers doesn’t really make any meaningful difference. We get the exact same amount of daylight no matter what, it is just the time that changes.

There is no actual good reason why we should be continuing daylight saving for just 4 months until springing forward. It is pointless and doesn’t have beneficial effects which is why we should strive to get this bill signed, therefore we don’t have to continue with this.

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