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Gavin Lux Tearing His ACL

Gavin Lux recently suffered a torn ACL while playing a practice game against the San Diego padres. Gavin Lux, projected to be the Los Angeles Dodgers starting shortstop on opening day, will miss the entire 2023 season after suffering the tear during the team’s spring training game. Manager Dave Roberts said Lux is, "obviously crushed," per ESPN, about his unfortunate situation. With the departure of Trea Turner to the Philadelphia Phillies, shortstop was Lux’s for the taking. He added 20 pounds of muscle this offseason, and his teammates spoke on his work ethic leading into spring training. Now, he will await surgery to repair his ACL, as well as LCL damage, and start the road to recovery. I don’t believe the Dodgers will have a great season considering that he was their starter and first choice for the spot that had recently opened. They’re having a hard time with all the trades of their super star key players and some really great batters. The Dodgers have many people who would fill the spot but would they be as good as Gavin Lux?

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