• Maddie Irving

Food Review: The Alley

The Alley Boba shop is located in Fountain Valley. The address is 10834 Warner Ave, Fountain Valley, CA. It is a bit of a drive to get over there, but trust me it’s worth it! They have an assortment of milk teas, brewed teas, coffee, bobas, and even food, but they are most known for their Brown Sugar Deerioca boba. That is the drink I decided to try and the item I am going to be focusing on. The Alley’s number one seller is the Brown Sugar Deerioca boba with creme brulee milk, and it is to die for. If you love a yummy, sugary drink, then this is the thing for you. They have many options when it comes to milk too, just in case you are lactose intolerant. The Alley offers milk alternatives such as oat, soy and almond milk.

When you order your brown sugar deerioca drink, you are only supposed to stir it nine times to get the perfect sweetness. The more you mix, the milkier the flavor is. The creme brulee is the perfect cherry on top that only makes the flavor that much more enjoyable. Once you try this drink you will get addicted. The way the drink melts in your mouth will make you crave this delectable treat all the time. The price, I would say, is comparable to every other boba shop being about $4.50 for a regular and $5.50 for a large. For how unique this drink is, I’d say the price point is unbeatable! I give the alley a 5/5 star review for flavor, price and the uniqueness of this delicious beverage.

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