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First Watch of Kung Fu Panda 

The movie Kung Fu Panda released on June 6, 2008 in the USA, that was over a decade ago. To this day I had yet to see this movie and this week I sat down and decided to watch it for the first time. After watching this movie I realized how much I had missed out on by not watching it when I was younger. This movie was packed with action, comedy, and even some life lessons.

For example, in the movie, Po is chosen to become the “Dragon Warrior” and fight against Tai Lung (former student of Master Shifu). Before being chosen as the “Dragon Warrior” he worked with his father in selling noodles and often dreamt about learning kung fu. When his dream came true he found himself facing many challenges to become the “Dragon Warrior”.

In watching Kung Fu Panda one might see it is a simple kids movie but looking at it from a different perspective there are a lot of lessons that one can take in. For example, Po was constantly doubted by everyone because of his size, lack of strength, and more. He faced tons of adversity and at the beginning they tried to get him to quit and give up being the “Dragon Warrior” and he almost did. However, Po was chosen as the “Dragon Warrior” by Grand Master Oogway who encouraged him to stay and prove everyone wrong and even encouraged Master Shifu to not give up on Po and train him. After constant training Po was able to learn Kung-Fu demonstrating that he was more than just a regular panda that everyone else saw him to be.

When Tai Lung escapes his prison he goes back and fights Po for the dragon scroll which contains the secret to limitless power. After defeating Tai Lung not only is Master Shifu left proud but so is the whole town and they begin to cheer for him and thank him for saving their home. Overall, Kung Fu Panda is a great movie that anyone would enjoy watching both kids and adults because of the story line that also continues in 2 other sequels.

Image courtesy of Flickr: Rhyzy

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