• Ashley Flores

Fashion Trends: Social Distancing Edition

With the start of a global pandemic there came an advisory to stay approximately six feet away from every person we encounter; some have found creative ways to socially distance. For example, most have ditched the standard surgical mask and instead have turned to masks that align with their interests. These may include masks with the designs of a person's favorite TV show, brand, movie, sports team, or even social justice movement. Another way people have been fashionable while keeping their distance is by wearing protective gear in order to be extra safe from the virus.

One of my favorite fashion trends when it comes to social distancing is the grand idea of wearing a three feet radius skirt. The skirt is implemented with a steel ring and nylon that promotes social distancing. This idea was presented by Imperial College London Director of Design Nicolas Moser. The skirt was designed with a steel ring and nylon. In addition to this, the skirt also comes in a variety of colors such as blue, white, black, and other colors to go with any outfit. The skirt is planned to be released for purchase soon for under $100.

Another one of my favorite social distancing fashion trends would have to be a newly designed body suit that has a face mask built in it. Luckily the body suit is spacious as well as lightweight enough to breathe through. Huge fashion companies such as Fashion Nova have come up with their own take of this masked body suit, which was talked about all over social media. Some critics questioned if the materials used to make these bodysuits even help to prevent the spread of the virus. With all this being said, there are always ways to look the best in the room while still maintaining your required distance.

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