• Sierra Heaton

Escape Reality with Miss Peregrine and Her Peculiar Children

This movie is somewhat old but still one to be appreciated. I watched this movie twice in a row and did not get bored of it. “Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children” is a Fantasy/Adventure film, even though I would say it’s also a bit of a thriller film; after all it was produced by Tim Burton. There are a lot of disturbing scenes scattered throughout the movie that cause you to hold your breath, eagerly waiting to see what will happen to the characters. This movie that was released in 2016 is a remake of the book series that was written by Ransom Riggs and published back in 2011. The story follows the main character Jake, who was told stories by his grandfather about another world-like dimension where there are children who have powers or something peculiar/abnormal about them. These stories his grandfather would tell him left behind some clues for Jake to follow to try and find these peculiar children. Though the more Jake dwells on and learns about these people the more he realizes their scary reality filled with horrifying monsters and dangers. Throughout his journey, Jake makes new friends with the children and even learns more about his grandfather and himself, and how special they really are.

I am personally a fan of Tim Burton and his work. Out of all his live action productions, I believe this one is one of the best. His movies are usually wacky or confusing in a way, but with this movie everything seems to make sense. From the abilities the children have, to the scenery, to the stories and explanation behind everything. For a fantasy movie talking about magic, their explanation of how the children are stuck in time and how Jake was able to get there is explained very well. Almost as if this is a real concept that can happen in real life. Though besides the story, I love the visual aspects of this movie. From the costumes to the backgrounds and even watching the children use their abilities. Each of the characters depending on their abilities seem to have a costume that matches their personality. For example, Emma who is supposed to be as light as a feather, her colors are light and she wears a loose dress which resembles her being “light”. The building they live in and the ship they visit later on in the movie are all designed beautifully and match the time era they're in almost perfectly. Overall if you enjoy dark, creepy, cool aesthetics this movie matches that perfectly. It’s creepy and dark but very pleasing to look at and notice all the little details they put into the movie.

When I first watched the movie when it first came out, I don't remember a lot of things that happened, rewatching it allowed me to see how scary this movie can actually be. This definitely isn't a movie for younger kids, This movie is rated PG-13, not for language or anything inappropriate but for intense sequences of fantasy action/violence and peril. So in that case, I recommend being 13 or older to watch this movie, unless you know you can handle it. It’s not necessarily a horror movie, nothing extremely scary happens but there are a few disturbing parts that even made me shiver. Though as long as you acknowledge everything is just a prop it's much easier to handle, for example there's a part in the movie where you’ll see the monster eat eyeballs. That’s creepy enough as it is but seeing it was even more disturbing. This movie also talks about death a lot and even has a few death scenes, nothing gorey, just eerie. For as good as a movie this is I would say it’s definitely an older kids movie. I’ll never not be amazed at this movie from the story to the visuals.

Rating: 5/5

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