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DWTS Semi-Finals

The Dancing with the Stars Season 32 Semi-Finals premiered and it didn’t disappoint. This is my first time watching the semi finals for the show – mainly because of Xotichil Gomez (an actress in Marvel) being on the show this season. So, I watched and supported the season for Xochitl Gomez and it has been a whirlwind. Especially after finding out how much controversies and opinions come out from a dance show.

Additionally to Xochitl Gomez, some of the most notable stars are Lele Pons, Alyson Hannigan (Lily from How I Met Your Mother) Brittany Lynn Spears and newcomer to the pros Rylee Arnold, sister to longtime pro Lindsey Arnold. Rylee is most known and introduced to people though Dancing With the Stars Junior and is now old enough to be a pro.

Rylee being a pro for the first time and her partner being Harry Jowsey and having a suspected romance lead to people supporting them more than some of the other dancers. However, this ended right before the semi-finals which left only: Xochitl Gomez, Alyson Hannigan, Charity Lawson, Ariana Madix and Jason Mraz. Personally, I’m rooting for Xochitl and Ariana. However, all of the people in the final are amazing, especially Alyson, even though she gets lower scores but has been the most improved, so I wouldn’t be mad if she won.

The couple’s performances definitely proved they are amazing. The dances were all high impact and showed all the dancers talent. All of the couples received 10’s in at least one of their dances except for Alyson Hannigan. Which is very different from what they got in the past or beginning of the season and the judges told the couples this as well. Which brought boos and praise for the judges. The couples did better on their ballroom and Latin dances but still scored highly on both. The choreography was also more intense and entertaining than others yet they didn’t have very many tricks or lifts. The best choreography was definitely Pasha’s and Ariana’s Ballroom and Xochitl and Val’s Samba.

Overall, the elimination seemed like it was going to be such a close call and it was but the show fooled everyone. At the end of the night the bottom two, in a random order, were Xochitl and Ariana, the two highest ranking and some of the most popular. But then the announcer says that all five are going to the finals. Which left fans mad yet excited as no one was being eliminated but still received a sort of heart attack as they thought their favorite couple was going to be eliminated. These reactions and opinions were expressed a lot on Tik Tok.

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