• Sierra Heaton

Disney+ Review: Soul

“Soul” was a movie that seemed to be a highly anticipated film that people had high hopes for. When I watched it, I thought the movie did in fact reach those high hopes and meet expectations. “Soul” really seemed to be the turnaround for Pixar movies and it had a much different atmosphere from the others. For decades, the Disney company has constantly tried to sugar coat anything that happens in their stories. Though in “Soul,” Pixar was much more straightforward with everything from passion, the meaning of life, anxiety, to even death. It was a great and respectful change of events. Pixar had always handled the heavy subjects really well and for Soul being a kids movie they talked about these subjects maturely and more straight forward , instead of brushing off the hard subjects like they usually do.

“Soul” is an animated Pixar film following Joe, a middle school band teacher from New York. For most of his life, Joe had dreamed of being a professional jazz musician, with the piano and jazz being his passion. Having been through many lows in his life, he finally gets an out, a chance to pursue his passion. But, once he gains that opportunity, he is unexpectedly sent to another realm, a realm where he has to find help through a new coming soul to get him back to his life on earth. The main character, Joe, is voiced by actor Jamie Foxx and the soul, named 22, that he finds help in, is played by actress Tina Fey. I never thought the two celebrities would fit so perfectly together within an animated film. Their dynamic, characters’ personalities, and voices are able to make everything that seemed to be serious and deep come across as light-hearted and easier to listen to. For instance, they have a talk about their “spark,” which in real life can be a serious topic, but the two make it seem like such a calm thing to talk about. This ease created by the two voice actors makes the movie much more lighthearted and genuine.

Another part of the movie I admired was the diversity, with people, music, jobs, and passions. I spent a lot of the movie admiring the character models for the people in the background, seeing such a variety of people represented in a respectful way. Throughout the movie, Pixar also makes it very clear that there are multiple jobs out there, as well as many different passions, and that all of them are valid. Even though some jobs such as musicians, artists, athletes, and more aren’t always seen as strongly accepted jobs, Pixar shows them love and recognition too. Lastly, this movie does talk about souls and the afterlife, which makes it a great movie for adults and teens to watch and still enjoy since it tackles such mature concepts, but it’s so lighthearted and comes across as bubbly and childlike, so it kids can enjoy it as well. It’s definitely a great movie for everyone of all ages to enjoy and learn from. I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone, even if you don't necessarily like animated movies. This movie has influences from different genres or topics and could potentially appeal to many.

Rating: 5/5

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