• Ashley Eggum

Disney Plus: Clouds

Zach Sobiech, a seventeen year old boy who is unfortunately diagnosed with osteosarcoma cancer. This is a true story, about what happened in Zach’s life, called Clouds. “What some people take for granted others are fighting for,” said Zach. He has a dream of becoming a songwriter to feel the rush of connecting with people in the crowds. His best friend Sammy Brown, who’s also a musician, has grown to accept his friend’s fate over time.

One morning he was rushed to the ER because his lung collapsed, but what the doctors didn’t know was that his cancer had spread further and into his lungs. The nurse said that he is terminal, no medications could work, and that he has about six to ten months left.

When he finally goes back to school in his English class they have to write a college essay, about what they see themselves doing in the next couple of years. This was really hard on him because of his diagnosis. Later on his mom plans a trip to France to get dipped in special water, which is meant to heal the wounded.

Zach looks on the bright side of his situation and goes to concerts; he tries to live his life to the fullest. Sammy and Zach both decide to make an album together, and their first song is called “Fix Me Up.” They posted the song on YouTube and out of the blue it got a bunch of likes and views. There were reporters calling and knocking at the door wanting to interview them for their articles. Sammy and Zach were both offered to sign as songwriters at BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.) in New York. When they're on their way back in the plane a song struck Zach as he's watching the clouds go by. The song is called “Clouds,” which is his way of saying goodbye. The song was a huge hit; it got put on the radio, noticed by the news canals, newspapers, and also the media.

As days passed his cancer worsened; his family threw a concert for his memory to have him perform. While he was in the middle of a verse he was so weak that he got out of breath and needed a break. The crowd started singing his song back to him which filled him with so much happiness. His story to others is to never give up on your dreams and live everyday as if it is your last.

Rating: 5/5

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