• Mya Tan

Detroit: Become Human Review

Detroit: Become Human is a choice-based game where the slightest decision will change the entire story line. It is an interactive game, although it isn't free roaming.The video game takes place in the future where robots are very common and used for literally everything. They take people out of jobs because it's free labor, and they are even used for entertainment purposes. The point is, these robots are being used by anyone and everyone. In the game you switch off between three characters by the names of Connor, Markus, and Kara. All three are contributors to the soon-to-be revolution. These three characters go through significantly different scenarios, and they come out of it all in their own special ways.

Personally, I find the story line to be really interesting, and sometimes even funny. There are timed options; though sometimes it may get insanely stressful, it is definitely worth the buy. It's 10 hours of game play total, and there are so many different endings. I would suggest that you play the game how you normally would act if you were in the same situation because then you will really get the ending you were meant to have. Maybe after you complete the game the first time you can try out different choices to get new endings. It gets pretty dark pretty fast, and it’s sometimes really hard to see. However, I found it to be the right amount of everything. The story made perfect sense and even made me think a little differently about the world and how we react to situations like the ones in the game.

Overall, I’d say it was a pretty good game, and i would play it more just to get different endings and see how things would be in other situations.

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