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CSF trip to University of Santa Barbara

California Scholarship Federation, also known as CSF, is an academic organization known to recognize students with high standards of academic achievement. Likewise, members are gained after earning a 3.5 GPA in the previous semester.

Members of the California Scholarship Federation got the amazing opportunity to travel to UC Santa Barbara with a presentation in addition to a tour of the campus.

CSF has been planning to go on a field trip to a university for the past three months. At first, the club mentioned going to the University of Irvine, however it fell through and CSF had previously visited this campus, so there wasn’t much incentive in going. Thankfully, CSF then proposed to go to the UC Santa Barbara on Monday January 23, 2023.

The field trip consisted of a three hour drive up to the school, with everyone arriving around 6:45 AM, the bus leaving at 7:05 and us getting there at 10:45. When we arrived at the University, we were greeted with a kind woman who led us to a room where we listened to a 30 minute presentation getting into what UCSB is all about, what they offer, their admission eligibility requirements and a large variety of other essential factors about the university.

After this presentation, we were given an hour-long tour of this beautiful campus. The members of CSF learned that this University is known for its three specific colleges. Which include, College of Creative Studies, College of Engineering, and College of Letters and Science. UCSB is the 5th public University in California and known as a research university with an immensely collaborative and friendly community, it doesn’t hurt that they also provide 90 different majors and 40 minors for their students to choose from.

One thing that UCSB is known for is their transportation system. Instead of cars, almost everyone rides bikes, which is an extremely convenient and eco-friendly alternative. Although we’re so used to car lanes, UCSB has bike lanes where the bicycles have the right of way.

This campus has more interesting qualities than any other campus that CSF has visited and it was an amazing experience for students of CSF to see the differences between the very well known Universities throughout California.

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