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Coach Davis Leaves Mayfair for a New Job at Servite High

After a job offer at Servite was posted in April, just after spring break, Coach Davis applied and after an interview process, was offered a position to coach boys basketball at Servite. Alongside teaching basketball, he’ll have several 9th grade weight training classes. Following 18 years at Mayfair, Coach Davis described this choice as hard, and with a 48-hour window to accept the offer, he had to quickly consult those in his life. Coach Davis said in an interview, “[I] talked to a ton of people, I think my phone died a couple of times because I was on the phone so much… after waking up in the morning, gathering everyone’s opinions, I knew what my answer was going to be.” Coach Davis also mentioned that he saw this new position as a new challenge and an opportunity to grow.
Coach Davis said that his time at Mayfair has been special, and that as a family man, he appreciated Mayfair treating him like family. “I have a lot of great memories, it’s a place I’m proud of being associated with.” One of his favorite memories, he described, was winning the 2012 and 2019 CIF championships. “It takes a lot, coaching for 15 years and you win two of them. It’s not something you experience every year,” said Coach Davis. “I look forward to, in some capacity, being around and supporting the guys still in the program that I coached.” Coach Davis stated that when he leaves, all he wants is for the basketball program to be better than it was when under his care.There are two things Coach Davis wants to leave with those at Mayfair – first, to those in, and arriving in the program: “Know what it means to put on a Mayfair jersey. The people that came before you, the pride that they had wearing that jersey, and knowing the high level of expectations of how you carry yourself on campus, and perform in the classroom… on the court, people are going to be looking at you to achieve a certain level of success.” Second: “I just want to give a thank you to everybody, who again over the years, have supported me and who have helped me grow as an individual and who supported my family. While I’m not going to be on campus and not going to be here day to day, I will be thinking about you guys. I will still have you guys in my heart and want nothing but the best for this campus.”
Along with the new adjustment to Servite, Coach Davis recently had a newborn daughter. As a family man he’s glad to have the new addition, saying he loves “racing home to play with her, and (to) do my daddy duties.” The new job at Servite poses a small readjustment among his family: “It's going to require some extra time, but once I get a rhythm I think we’ll be fine.”.
We’ll miss Coach Davis, but we wish him the best with his new position at Servite.

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