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Christmas Chronicles Part 2 Review

Updated: Feb 10

The movie “Christmas Chronicles Part 2” starts with the main characters 13 years old Kate and 17 years old Teddy Pierce, a brother and sister pair, in Cancún, Mexico for the celebration of Christmas. Kate is having a hard time adjusting to her mom's new boyfriend, Bob Brooker, and his son, Jack. She wishes she could go back home where it's snowing to sit by the fire, have snowball fights, and enjoy all of their original family traditions.

Mrs. Clause tells the short story of an elf named Belsnickel who behaved so badly because he was jealous of all the children Santa has been paying attention to. He got turned into the one thing an elf never wanted to become… A human.

Belsnickel, now human, hears of Kate Pierce being in a long family tree of true believers and plans out a way to get her near so that he can enter the North Pole. Since Kate wanted to run away from the resort, he plans a vacation for her family so they will all be split up. Kate and Jack are sent to the kids club, but going to the kids club isn’t on Kate's to-do list. She waits for the trolly to take her to the airport to go back home and Belsnickel shows up in a golf cart telling her it broke down and he'll take her.

Kate tells Belsnickel all about her plan to run away, but what she doesn’t realize is that Jack has snuck onto the golf cart, too. Once Kate sees Jack they start bickering and she doesn’t notice Belsnickel throwing something to open a portal and driving into it. Kate and Jack become stranded in the North Pole wearing only clothes from the hot beach resort where they were staying.

Santa, on his practice run, sees that there are two kids laying in the snow freezing, so he goes outside of the protective covering and gets them into the slay. As he pulls off the ground Belsnickel jumps in unnoticed and is finally able to sneak back into Santa's Village. Mrs. Clause warms Kate and Jack right up and gives them a tour of the Village. Along the way, they find out that Belsnickel has found his way into the Village and throughout the movie, they try to get one step ahead of him so he doesn't ruin Christmas.

I give this movie a 5 out of 5 because it shows acceptance, joy, forgiveness, and courage. It's a very good movie for families and friends to watch together and enjoy each other's company.

Rating: 5/5

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