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Ceramics and the Benefits Offered to Students

As many know, Mayfair offers a two-part ceramics class for juniors and seniors. In this class, students are given the opportunity to create ceramic creations such as sculptures, cups, and masks. Personally, I find the class to be the most relaxing environment I have ever been in. There is a power it has to clear the mind and essentially become a space to release all my stress from other classes. Because of this, it led me to become very curious about what my peers think about the class. Turns out, from asking a mix of students in both levels of the class, they share similar feelings as I do.

In Ceramics A (the first level), even though they have only been creating art for about two months, the people I asked already have wonderful things to say. Ally, who typically sticks to drawing, simply stated that “Art isn’t clean, art shouldn’t be clean.” She then went on to show me her headphones that fell victim to the clay used in the class and laughed. Jadalyn said that she enjoys being “taught new skills while also being allied to explore our own creativity” and mentions the ceramics teacher, Mrs. Brown, saying she is “very nice and answers any questions” and also is “very supportive of the work [made] in her class.”

Moving on to the second level of the class, Ceramics B, students were even more ecstatic to gush about their love and gratitude for the class. Chisom summed it up perfectly saying, “I love Ceramics because it allows me to be creative and it relieves all the stress in my life.” She is very enthusiastic about just how much she looks forward to going to the class throughout the week. Another student named Athziry said that she finds ceramics “therapeutic in various ways” and that it allows for use of “creative abilities” and allows her to “express [herself] freely while working with clay.” Lastly, Brianna said, “Ceramics is a surreal experience. Not only in creating works of art, but also just simply living in the moment with everyone else.”

Overall, it’s safe to say that there is an agreement among students that the ceramics class offered here at Mayfair is extremely beneficial. From helping students de-stress to letting them express themselves, the therapeutic feelings touch every student.

Images courtesy of Ceramic Students!

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