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Cats V. Dogs

This is probably one of the most popular debates in the world: cats or dogs? I asked 10 people -- from classmates to family and friends -- which was better? The result was dogs, but people who answered cats often said they would like to have dogs as well, making this answer being both. Turns out in the U.S., 70% of 90.5 million households have pets, with 69 million households having dogs and 45.3 million households having cats. Many factors take place in these kinds of questions, however. Some of these factors could be due to living style, availability, and personal work life. Many households have a very strict time schedule, making it difficult to add a pet to their agenda. People with more of a work-filled life tend to choose cats as they are more independent and don’t need to be showered with love and affection (may vary). People with dogs tend to have more time to themselves or have other family members and other people to help take care of the dog (may vary). Households with both cats and dogs are either families or people who just like to be very busy. Then again, everybody is different, and the number of pets is always changing. One family may have 2 cats and 2 dogs meanwhile another household is just a crazy cat lady with a crowd of cats in her tiny apartment. But remember, both cats and dogs are equally important and require lots of responsibility in order to take care of.

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