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Boys Tennis: Mayfair Vs Bellflower

Boys tennis won against Bellflower in their individual and partner matches on March 17. At the beginning of the individual matches it was noticeable that some of our players were struggling keeping the ball going as they seemed to keep losing it after a couple hits. However, over time, they began to pick up the pace and were successfully going at it back and forth. Court two´s match was delivering the ball with fluid movement and good posture, while ensuring to hit the ball with enough pressure making it difficult for the opposing player to control and counterhit. This match ended up resulting in a win. Senior Tristan Oronce says that he felt “pretty good” after the match and that, “[they] were playing against new people, but a match is a match so I did my best.”
Court four´s match showed strong control over his direction of hits and how fast-paced his movement was throughout the match. There was definitely a technique at play here when it came to his counter-hits, you could see that he was matching the amount of force put into the hit and delivering it with that same amount of force. Junior Harvey Nyugen showed high stamina when running around the court non-stop. Nonetheless, this match was much more challenging as a result of their opponent not putting up as much of a struggle as the last.
Court five was a partnered match, which meant twice the amount of players on the court. When observing there was this continuous pattern of having each team's players near the front for easy hit backs and a teammate farther back for the harder, longer hits. Mayfair’s team seemed to be losing by a couple points, but once they switched sides they began to make a comeback winning the overall match. Junior Andrew Kim, feeling confident in his team's skill and abilities, said, “we had a great match. Yeah, we destroyed them.”
Even after going through two rounds of COVID-19 the tennis team resulted with their Bellflower matches being mostly wins. Coach Tran says, “Yeah they’ve worked hard to be here and do this. I’m proud of these matches.” Overall, their score from the matches was a 14 - 3 win.

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