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Book Review: "Because You'll Never Meet Me

Updated: Apr 22

Leah Thomas wrote a beautiful book called “Because You’ll Never Meet Me” that focused on the letter exchange between two boys named Oliver Paulot and Moritz Farber who have never met each other. They become connected through a man named Dr. Auburn-Stache, a doctor who read about both of their rare conditions. Oliver, who goes by Ollie, is allergic to electricity and lives in the woods with his mom. Any minor electric device could potentially be fatal; therefore, their cabin is in the middle of the woods full of books. His mom and doctor are dazzled by his immense knowledge despite his setback of not having technology. He’s optimistic and hopeful, and has amazing social skills despite only being around his mom constantly.

Moritz couldn’t be more opposite than Ollie. Ollie lives in the US, Moritz in Germany. In Germany, Moritz attends school and lives in regular civilization, but the lack of friends is due to his lack of eyes. Despite being able to figure things out using echolocation, Moritz still struggles. But he’s not blind and hates being asked if he is. He is a pessimist who sees no point to Ollie’s optimism when the world screams bloody murder at the what he says “eyeless boy.” There is nothing that necessarily excites Moritz, but he does find his new friend quite exciting and helpful in terms of making him laugh; therefore, they continuously send letters despite Moritz explaining he doesn’t trust a boy he’s barely met.

“Because You’ll Never Meet Me” is heartwarming and educational in a sense. Reading through the book and experiencing two completely different lives truly makes me realize that people all over the world, no matter how different, can find common ground. Moritz gets judged for who he was born as, Ollie isn’t even around people to get judged at all. There is a beauty to Leah Thomas’ writing that makes the whole book feel like a movie. I strongly recommend this book.


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