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Binded Together Forever (Pt 1)

Part 1

“They don’t deserve you…You deserve better, ” whispered a voice into her ear.

Brianna Quill woke up very confused from that dream. Everything was quite a blur, Brianna couldn’t quite remember anything from that dream. She got up from her bed looking at the clock on the wall. Brianna woke up at 6:44 a little bit earlier than usual, she has to go to school soon. Briana starts looking through her wardrobe, throwing random clothes all over the floor and bed. She ended up with a white T-shirt decorated with smiley face flowers all over and a simple blue shirt. Adding her favorite black leggings and rusty leather boots. The final touch being the golden heart necklace that her “friend” gave her. Oh, speaking of friends, Jessica Edwards wanted to meet up before school starts. Brianna quickly ran downstairs and grabbed her backpack from the floor to start her day. She was about to leave but, wait…She hasn't eaten breakfast yet. She rushed to the kitchen to find some food. On the counter, there was a transparent tupperware lunch box with some sort of pasta. There was a note on the top saying… “Here’s your breakfast. Enjoy! Love mom” Briana smiled softly at the note, her mother always tries her best to give Briana something to eat before she goes to work. She is constantly called to work the night or early shifts. Bri just hopes that her mother is not overworking herself too much. Briana grabbed her breakfast and backpack as she set off to go to school. Briana plans on eating this on her way to school. She walks out making sure to lock the front door and she’s off.

A few minutes later…

Briana finally made it to the gates of her school, if she’s being honest she never really comes this early at school. She’s always in a deep sleep as if there wasn’t a single worry in the world. As Briana walked inside, she looked around the hallways looking for her “friend” Jessica until she heard…

“Psk, Over here. Get your butt over here!” hissed a voice.

“Oh! There you are, I was wondering where you are! I-”

“Just get over here!!!”

“Oh, okay…” Brianna whispered back.

Briana rushed over to the corner to greet Jessica but she was immediately interrupted by a finger on my parted lips.

“Do you have it, Bri?” Jessica asked quite desperately

“Yep, I finished it just for your essay just for you! By the way, is everything okay at home because when you called me you sounded like you were panic-” Briana questioned as she got shushed again.

“Yeah, Yeah, whatever, just give it!” Jessica yelled at her.

Briana slightly jolted to how desperate Jessica is about a simple essay…If she was being honest Jess looks completely different, her eyes are darker than remembered and her hair…It’s completely wild such as a lion’s mane and her arms are full of…SCARS?!?! What exactly is going on? Briana wanted to do everything in her power to help because friends are supposed to help each other out. Jessica started to notice the fright on Bri’s face and gave her a sweet but despairing smile.

“Hey. Things have been a bit rough lately… You know, with my parents…” Jessie muttered.

Briana could hear Jessie's voice crack up and Briana got closer to her giving a hug. Then, she gave her a reassuring smile. But, she smells like an ashtray. She has been smoking again…

“Jessica, have you been smoking…again?” Briana asked

Jessica’s smile soon disappeared and turned into a scowl.

“What the hell are you, my mom?” Jessica snapped at Brianna.

Brianna was a bit taken back by this remark but she stood her ground.

“Jess, I just want the best for you because last time you promised me that you would stop smoking. Don’t you know that I will always have your back? I’ll be here for you because that’s what friends are for,” Brianna explained.

“Okay, whatever mom, I know you care about me blah blah blah and I…Care about you too. Well I’ll take this and see you later,” she simply replied as she snatched the paper from my hand.

Jessica was about to walk away but I stopped her by holding her wrist.

“Wait, are you still up for our movie night together? It’s been a while since we have done something in a while,”

She paused as if she were to think on what to say next, she opened her lips and said “Sure, is it okay if we do it at your house tonight because you know…,”

“Oh, okay but—”

“Great! See you later! Oh don’t forget the snacks!!!”

Briana stood there unsure what to say because later that day she had to finish an important Art project that is 40% of her grade. But, Briana felt confident because she is a pretty fast worker. And with that in mind she went to class…

A few hours later at Lunch~

Once Briana grabbed her lunch, she planned to go to the library to work on her project. She was thinking about what ideas she may have for this project? But then she remembered the way she saw Jessica. Jess was never like this, she used to be full of life. Brianna just wishes the best for her. But, once Brianna got to the doors to the library, Jess came running towards Briana like a rabid animal.

“Jesus! Is everything alright? You look very desperate.,” Briana asked inquisitively.

“I need your help! Can you give me some money? I need it for….a Field Trip! Yeah.. JUST PLEASE GIVE ME MONEY!!!

“Okay, Okay, Calm down…,” Briana replied under my breath

Briana pulled out a yellow wallet from her backpack. Briana was pretty sure that it’s not much money…The school didn’t have enough money to afford certain things, not even for a single pencil.

“How much do you want?” Briana asked

“About 1,000 dollars..” She whispered under her breath.

“1,000 DOLLARS!?! What type of trip are you going on with this type of money!? You never even liked field trips since I can remember!?” Briana yelled.


Brianna was completely terrified, she had never seen Jess act like an outrageous beast before. Brianna looked nervously through her wallet and only found $44.37 in her wallet.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have the money to give to you, But-”

Jess groaned in frustration and yelled at Brianna “ Whatever, who needs you anyways…”

With that she pushed Brianna out of the way.

Briana was shocked…Brianna always had Jess back…No matter what…They were best friends ever since elementary…Maybe, she didn’t mean it…right? She probably has a lot on her plate and is exhausted with everything that is happening at her home. What Brianna knows about Jess’s family is well, let's just say they are, “out of commission.” Brianna stood there feeling unsure about this entire situation but she went to the library and tried to sit down at the nearest seat. She honestly doesn't feel like working, She plans on taking a quick nap.

Image courtsey of Wikimedia Commons

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