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Biden's Suspicious Tweet

As the 2024 Super Bowl came to a close on February 11th, the Kansas City Chiefs celebrated with a win against the San Francisco 49ers along with the numerous fans that support them. Specifically one fan, Joe Biden, had been specifically happy about the win and had posted on X a comment and a picture. The comment stated, “Just like we drew it up,” and attached to the post a picture of Biden himself. However, the photo of Biden has been given red and glowing laser-like eyes and is placed in a murky, dark background. In addition is an American flag pin on his collar.

The picture that accompanied the comment refers back to an older meme relating to Biden being named “Dark Brandon”. The name originally stemmed back to the Xfinity series. The winner of the series was Brandon Brown, a twenty-eight-year-old driver. The name “Brandon” in the term “Dark Brandon” is a misconception of a reporter who had been present when the crowd began to chant an inaudible phrase that had originally been an insult to Joe Biden. Then the reporter heard “Let’s go, Brandon” instead of the insult. 

Biden held onto the phrase and over time embraced it while adding the term “Dark” to the mix. The term “Dark” is rooted back to the Dark MAGA meme that had been taken from Trump supporters. The X post seemed to raise many theories connecting Taylor Swift and Travis Kelces presence at the Super Bowl specifically. Especially considering Taylor’s widespread support for Biden in the last election, which seems to form suspicions around the relationship between Taylor and Travis and the impact they have on the opinions of others when it comes to Biden’s next election.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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