• Eden Geddes

Biden's Presidency So Far

Joe Biden’s presidency is a historic one for many reasons. One of the biggest being his Vice President is the very first woman to be in that position. He was also a Vice President in the past, making him the 6th to also be elected President. Now, President Biden is working his way through the first 100 days of the presidency, and so far he has been making quick work to fulfill the promises he had already made. He has begun this process by issuing executive orders, so far 42 of them have already been signed. Many of these orders are either undoing something that former President Trump did, or is putting into action something that was promised before President President Biden was elected.

Starting with healthcare, President Biden has signed two executive orders to make changes: the first being the re-opening of enrollment for the Affordable Care Act, and the other rescinded the Mexico City Policy, which was a ban of US government funding for foreign non-profits that perform abortions. The removal of this policy has also been said by the President Biden administration to lead to the removal of the rule that is currently blocking healthcare providers in the federal funded Title X family planning program from being able to refer patients for abortions.

Additionally, President Biden has signed a total of five executive orders pertaining to the environment. Starting with an order on handling the climate crisis at home and abroad, this mainly contains the pausing of entering into new areas to get oil. It also includes new rules and regulations for things involving the climate crisis and a task force to enforce these new regulations. Next is the order that created a council of advisors on science and technology that will advise President Biden in the future about anything regarding those two fields. The third one is an order created to help build back trust in the government when it comes to science and technology (basically it just requires these fields to thoroughly ensure the integrity of their work and their results). For the fourth order, President Biden re-entered the Paris Climate Agreement that former President Trump had previously left behind during his term. Finally for the environment, President Biden signed an order that states the cancelation of the Keystone XL Pipeline and also directs a team to review the changes made by President Trump on the environment and see where changes need to be made.

Furthermore, there have been seven different executive orders signed by President Biden on the subject of equity. The first three of these either rescind an order made by President Trump, or create new policies to combat workplace discrimination based on either race or gender. Also signed was an order that directs the Attorney General to not re-sign any federal deal with private prisons. An additional order was signed that looked to investigate the Trump Administration work on the housing sector and alter things so they better comply with the Fair Housing Act. President Biden also decided to undo President Trump’s ban on transgender people being allowed in the military.

To help with the current state of the economy under his presidency, President Biden has issued five executive orders. The first of these being strengthening the Buy American rules by closing existing loopholes and reducing the amount of waivers granted on the federal purchases of any domestic goods. Next is an order that will protect the federal workforce and also lays the groundwork for a $15 minimum wage. The third and fourth orders created are going to help with relief for COVID-19 and help with any student loan debt. Finally, President Biden extended the date for evictions until March 31.

In total, there have been 15 executive orders signed that have to do with COVID-19. The items that have been addressed with these orders mainly have to do with either relief for the pandemic or mask mandates. Many have been put in place for federal workers to be required to wear a mask and for others to join in on the challenge and just wear a mask for the time being. Also, there have been orders to try and help protect essential workers and others in the workforce, either from not getting sick or trying to help them keep their jobs.

Overall, it has already been several weeks of the President Biden administration being in charge and there are already a great deal of changes being made. There are still plenty of other orders that were signed that were not mentioned. However, President President Biden has been making quick work to make word on the promises he made before being elected. President President Biden has remained adamant that he will not just be looking out for his party’s wants in the future as he has stated numerous times that unity between the two political parties is his ultimate goal. So, President President Biden is expected to continue creating orders to reach this goal of his.

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