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Becoming the Sunshine Girl in Weathering With You

Updated: Apr 22

The movie “Weathering With You” takes you on an emotional yet exhilarating adventure. It was released in Japan in January 2020 by director Makoto Shinkai. When released, the movie made $100 billion dollars. The plot of this movie is about Hokoda, who happens to be a sixteen-year-old who ran away from home. Upon running an errand for the journalism company Hokoda gets hired for, he runs into Hina and ends up saving her from two men with bad intentions. Hina is the other main character in this movie who is later on known as the “Sunshine Girl.” This title is given to Hina because when she prays, she has the gift of being able to steer away the rainy and gray skies. With that, she is able to make the sky sunny and clear.

The whole “Sunshine Girl” saying was thought to be a silly myth until Hokoda meets Hina. The gift does come with a catch: Sunshine Girls aren’t meant to be on the Earth for a long while. What happens to Hina in the end? Does Hokoda ever get sent back home? I won’t spoil the movie -- that is for you to watch and find out.

I personally really enjoyed this movie. The overall plot and characters were very intriguing, not to mention I really loved the animation in this movie, as everything was so detailed and the colors were aesthetically pleasing. The movie includes romance as well as adventure, which are two things that catch my attention as both a hopeless romantic and an aspiring risk taker. I would give this movie a 5 out of 5 sunshines. It was an amazing and heartfelt movie that made me shed a couple of tears. I would definitely watch this movie again!


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