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Baseball: Mayfair vs. Bellflower

On March 18, our varsity baseball team played a tough game against Bellflower. The final score ended at 2-1 with our team losing. The Monsoons now possess a 6-7 record. This means that we have won 6 games and lost 7, which places us at third place in the Suburban League.
The first run was scored by Bellflower, with the next being scored by Mayfair, and the final run was scored by Bellflower. According to junior Michael Fournier, the district’s handling of Covid influenced the team’s performance this year. He states that Mayfair is doing, “... pretty bad compared to all the other schools because our district didn’t do anything for us so we got delayed to practice…”. Fournier’s teammate, junior Damien Rodriguez Gomez, agreed, saying that the lack of practice “pushed us down”. Junior Cooper Boyd, the team’s shortstop, disagreed with this, for the most part, insisting that, “[Covid] hasn’t made much of a difference on us…” except for last season.
When asked about how this game specifically went, Fournier claims that “not a lot went right… but our pitching went well”. Gomez agreed to this as well and added that there were some mistakes made by their coaches such as, “miscalls… and they put some people who shouldn’t have been in that position… we should have kept some of our starters in.”. They both affirmed that some of the defensive errors could have been prevented if their coach had kept their starters in the game. The last run scored by Bellflower was on account of a defensive error. If the starters were kept in, this run may not have been scored, and Mayfair could have gone on to hit another run and break the tie themselves.
Despite the team’s rough start to league play, all three players seem optimistic about upcoming games. Hopefully we can make a comeback and secure some more league wins and make it to CIF this year.

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