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Anisa Garcia: Beauty and Brawns

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Throughout the years Mayfair has produced many athletes and community leaders. Most recently we have seen senior Anisa Garcia flourish as both the Mayfair varsity football long snapper and a reigning pageant queen. She exhibits tremendous duality by participating in one of the most male-dominated sports and an activity that many say is for the most feminine of women. However, Garcia refuses to be put in a box. Whether on a field or a stage she embodies confidence and strength.

Garcia’s journey in football began her freshman year when she served as a team manager. She explains that she “saw the way Coach Bedell ran the program and wanted to be a bigger part of the family.” The following year as a sophomore she decided to join the team as a long snapper. As the only female on the team she had to work ten times harder to prove her strength. This didn’t always come easy. Many unforeseen challenges would come her way but with resilience, she pushed through. From this she learned “that in order to succeed, you cannot have any doubt in your abilities.” Although the football season has been stalled due to COVID-19, Garcia continues to train and strengthen her skills to prepare for future seasons.

Before Garcia was a football player she began participating in pageants and continued to do so while being on the team. Going from Miss Teen Bellflower to Miss Teen of California Garcia has shown that there are no limitations to what you can do if you are willing to put in hard work and dedication. Starting in middle school Garcia participated in her first pageant, Miss Bellflower. For her, it was much bigger than the glitz and glam. She hoped that being Miss Bellflower would give her a platform to help in her community and inspire others around her. Through participating in pageants Garcia grew more confident and discovered new ways to express herself.

With both football and pageants Anisa has been allowed many opportunities from traveling to meeting new people. Although the pressure of competing can build up sometimes Anisa argues that the pressure is what keeps her motivated to do what she does. Through this tough journey Garcia lists football coaches Bedell and Schneider as her biggest inspirations. From her first day on the football team “they had pushed [her] to be the best version of [herself] possible.” With great guidance and support from her coaches, teammates, and others close to her, Garcia has achieved success in many aspects of her life. From her experiences, she believes the best piece of advice is “never limit yourself. Never think your goal is out of reach or impossible.” And in everything she does, she proves just that. Garcia wishes to use her skills learned in both sports and pageantry to major in Journalism and Broadcasting with a minor in Sports Management. Her career goal is to work in sports broadcasting and media. She hopes to build a platform that can be used to inspire people around the world.

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