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Anime Review: The Promised Neverland

Updated: Feb 10

The Promised Neverland, is a psychological and suspenseful show that centers around eleven year old orphans named Ray, Norman, and Emma. Those three along with around thirty other children were raised in an orphanage secluded from anything else. They would get tested on every once in a while before one by one they would get adopted by a nice family every month. Or so they thought. As the story progresses, Ray, Norman, and Emma discover all kinds of secrets as to why they were put in an orphanage and what their real purpose was.

Personally, this anime will remain a favorite of mine even though it was pretty short. It's only twelve episodes long, but it feels like there are so many things happening at once that it's hard to get bored. There are times when scheming and figuring things out gets a bit slow, but I felt as though the story unfolds at a pretty good pace.

The characters are easy to like and it all just makes sense. There's a plethora of characters to meet and grow attached to, while the story contains a lot of twists and turns and will drive the story forward to places you wouldn't expect.

Although it is seemingly a very innocent anime, I can assure you it is not at all as innocent as it seems to be. It is rated M for a mature audience because of the scenes it tends to have. The animation sometimes can be pretty trippy and may be a little unsettling for some people.

Rating: 5/5

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