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All District Band Concert

On Monday 24 April 2023 every band from every school in the Bellflower Unified School District met in the Mayfair High School gym for the All District Band Concert. Starting at 6:30 pm and ending nearly an hour later, each performed 2-3 pieces of prepared music each and ended with one song played by every musician simultaneously.

This event and its organizers pride themselves on the progress it shows, assuming students continue music from as young as fifth grade up to their senior year of high school. By watching each performance, students and parents alike are able to see what the future may hold for their young students in the higher age programs.

At the elementary level, musicians show their newfound skills on a wind, brass, or percussion instrument. Music pieces focus on creating a consistent sound and playing together as a band. Directors Fleetstra and Reeves also continued their tradition of “band awards” at this concert. The award of “Best Soloist” was given to Esther Lindstrom, “Citizenship Award” went to Craig Williams, “Most Improved” was Frank E Woodruff, and “Band of the Year” was awarded to the Intensive Learning Center.

Mrs. Alamada- Intensive Learning Center Dr. Rios- Esther Lindstrom Elementary

Bellflower and Mayfair middle schools displayed the next level of skill by performing more complex pieces with split parts, balance, and new dynamics within music. This age in music, taught by Holcomb from Mayfair and Montes form Bellflower allows students to grow in their skills by practicing in class daily versus once a week and significantly improving their individual strength in preparation for higher level music.

Bellflower and Mayfair highschool band students performed 2 pieces of music together; each instrument section was integrated together into one massive band. Alternatively conducted by band directors Philips and Vidana, the high school programs produced a striking sound. Each piece grabbed and held the attention of everyone in the audience and took them along the journey which resided upon every measure of music. This final level of musical expression in the concert shows just how excellent the teaching and performing of music in the Bellflower Unified School District can achieve.

The night concluded with “The Best of Queen” arranged by Paul Murtha played by every band in attendance. This unified performance greatly exemplifies just how powerful programs can be when united in a single goal: make good music.

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