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Album Review: The Slow Rush

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The Slow Rush (released February 2020) is the latest album from Psychedelic Pop project Tame Impala, the pseudonym for Australian musician Kevin Parker. This was the highly anticipated follow-up to the extremely popular 2015 album Currents. TI was one of the first acts this decade that showed how the internet has impacted the music business by rising to prominence specifically because of the internet, not the more traditional route of using the radio and/or local circuits. TI’s most popular song “The Less I Know The Better” saw a resurgence in popularity last year because it became used frequently on the app Tik Tok.

Parker’s melancholic, synth-heavy, neo-disco, and psychedelic sound has been extremely influential in the music scene over the internet the past couple of years, so it was interesting to see how he would follow up to Currents and his big rise in popularity. I think he successfully followed-through.

TSR is all about time and all of the different ways it impacts our lives. It also covers self-growth and development. Lyrically, it’s a departure from the lonely hopeless love songs of Currents, so it may be slightly disappointing to some returning fans.

Parker displays all throughout the album that he is an exceptional musician. He plays every instrument and wrote every song. The big stand-outs are the drums and synth. Both steal the show constantly and help develop the dreamy but often funky atmosphere. Parker’s high voice and dense instrumentation also help contribute to this.

The most negative thing about the album is the songwriting. The melodies and arrangements are good, but sometimes I found myself a little bored while listening to the album. It’s around an hour long and can seem a bit draining on some listens. The songwriting isn’t bad, I just wish it was a bit more interesting sometimes. There are some fantastic tracks though like “Tomorrow’s Dust” and “Borderline” that are some of my favorites I’ve heard all year.

Despite dragging a bit in some places, The Slow Rush is an excellent, thought-provoking album that delivers in providing an ethereal, fun, and psychedelic time.

Rating: 3.9/5

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