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Airsoft, A Game Where You Get Shot For Fun

For the past 6 years, I’ve been playing a sport called Airsoft. While not extremely unknown, it’s not exactly a generally known sport either. Due to it being relatively unknown, people might not know details about it, therefore I hope to fill in the gaps for you.

First and foremost, what is airsoft? Airsoft is a sport in which you (safely) shoot other players with an airsoft gun that shoots plastic BBs (6mm circular pellets). The guns generally look realistic and due to the nature of airsoft, you will need to take precautions. There are Airsoft fields which you can play at to avoid trouble. Guns have orange tips and tape (so police don’t mistake them easily) and when shooting, eye protection is ALWAYS required. The BBs travel at about a speed of 200-400 feet per second, however, due to their size, getting hit on bare skin will harshly sting for a few seconds, and at most break skin. However, playing with a sweater, or later on with vests and gear, reduces the pain of getting shot.

What may turn people away from becoming invested is the unfortunate truth that getting into airsoft is pricey. Playing a single day with rental equipment won't cost much; it’ll be around $80 to $120. Although, purchasing your own gear will. The average airsoft rifle costs about $200-$400, excluding batteries, extra mags, and accessories. Gear like vests and carrying bags also cost quite a decent amount. That being said, if you enjoy the game and wish to get in, a gun can last you a few years and won’t cost you such a large amount consistently.

There are two ways most people play, regular airsoft, playing at the fields on weekends, or those who play MILSIM or ‘Military Simulation’. These MILSIM events usually occur at abandoned properties; they’re large and aim for a more realistic experience. Training flashbangs and vehicles are used, and costume and gear accuracy is relatively enforced. These events are definitely more hardcore though, and some of them last 40 hours on the field continuously, without returning to your car or any nearby city.

With that and all of the main bases covered, I do encourage anyone remotely interested to check it out for themselves, and do a bit of their own research into the sport. The nearest local airsoft field near Mayfair is Hollywood Sports Park, and you can have a private group game, or play like everyone else.

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